About Us

In 2013, an idea was born to combine passions for sneakers, streetwear, and luxury goods. With its first location opening in Highland Park, New Jersey, Soled Out built its name through a unique approach of curating a best-in-class assortment of products and providing exceptional customer service.


For over a decade, Soled Out has aimed to build a strong presence within its local community while also catering to an ever growing audience far and wide. As we continue to cultivate an unparalleled shopping experience, we have maintained our priority of selling rare and collectible sneakers, streetwear, designer apparel, and luxury goods. 


Shifting our focus to present day, Soled Out now resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. Follow along with us as we continue to showcase your favorite brands, designers, and luxury fashion labels.


For any and all inquiries, please reach out to support@soledoutjc.com.