Sneaker Consignment

We offer competitive rates that are based on the condition of the items you wish to consign.


Brand New items can be consigned at a rate of 85% / 15%.

Ex: Item sold for $200.  Customer receives $170 (85%), store fee is $30 (15%).

Pre-Owned items can be consigned at a rate of 80% / 20%

Ex: Item sold for $200.  Customer receives $160 (80%), store fee is $40 (20%).

 ** Please note, our minimum fee is $20.  If you have an item you wish to consign for $80, this would fall under a flat fee calculation and the store would keep $20 while the customer receives $60.


Consignment Details:

  • Consignors who provide an e-mail address will have access to our consignor portal. The portal allows you to check your inventory in real time and shows any outstanding balances that are owed.
  • Consignors can be paid:
    • via Check (pick up in-store or mailed)
    • via Zelle (please note, Zelle payouts are limited to once per week per consignor)
    • via PayPal
    • You must e-mail us on any Monday for Zelle or PayPal payout requests
  • When your items sell, the funds will be available for payment in the following time frame:
    • 2 days after - for items sold in-store
    • 5 days after - for items sold online
  • Once consigned, your items must remain in-store for at least 14 days.
  • You can ship your items to our store.  We highly recommend you e-mail us first, provide a list of items you want to consign and come to an agreement with our staff on the list prices. 
    • When shipping to our store or withdrawing pairs, consignor is responsible for providing a shipping label.